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Katya Kabanova

Katya Kabanova 25 May 1954, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

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If it's remarkable that the Czech conductor Rafael Kubelík left so few recordings of opera, it's doubly so that none of them included the music of his fellow countryman Leo&353; Janáček, whom he championed in an age when this often strange, always vital and passionate music was far less popular, less 'understood', than it is now.

Happily the archives of Music Preserved have been able to step in and fill out this hitherto blank part of the canvas, both of Kubelík's career and of the gradual but in retrospect inevitable rise in appreciation of Janáček's music, and of his operas in particular. Kubelík effectively gave the UK premiere of Jenůfa, the piece with which Janáček himself was discovered, both at home and abroad, and a powerful record of Kubelík's sympathy for the opera is already available (LM7407).

Now comes another early English performance of similar distinction, and of the next in the sequence of operas that Janá&ček composed in his operatic Indian Summer: Katya Kabanova, bearing in its narrative some similarities to Jenůfa, not least in the terrifying portrayal of an older step-mother figure. But where Jenůfa ends in hard-won triumph and acceptance, Katya Kabanova offers no such catharsis.